Frequently Asked Questions

Keyturn is a real estate investing platform that simplifies investing in short-term rental properties.

We make it easy to invest in Airbnbs, either directly or through our fund.

We’re your partner through all stages of buying and owning a short-term rental, from identifying the home through design and setup through ongoing management, so that you can own high-performing AirBnbs without lifting a finger.

KeyTurn’s mission is to help you build wealth and to lay the path for lifetime financial security. For too long, access to real estate’s highest-yielding assets has been limited to ultra-wealthy or institutional investors.

We aim to break down this barrier to access by helping you invest in short-term rentals. Whether you’re looking to buy your first Airbnb or your tenth, we’ve got you covered.

Keyturn is for everyone and anyone looking to access the highest-yielding asset class in real estate. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, an institutional investor, or somewhere in between, we’re here to help you make great investments in short-term rentals.

When you work with Keyturn, you’re investing in AirBnbs, or short-term rental properties. Depending on your preferences, you can own an entire home, own a home as part of a group, or invest in our fund.

Regardless of which option you choose, Keyturn will lead every step of sourcing, purchasing, setting up, and operating a short-term rental. We’ll do the work and send you a check every quarter.

Yes! We will help you establish an LLC to enable shared ownership. Whether you’re a group of two or a group of ten, Keyturn can help you purchase, set up, and operate a short-term rental.

It depends on how you choose to work with us. If you partner with Keyturn through our fund, it’s as easy as investing your money and collecting a check each quarter.

If you work with Keyturn to find a home, we’ll send you properties that will make great AirBnbs. Once you’ve chosen a home, we’ll do all the work to design, permit, and operate the home on your behalf (keeping you apprised throughout the process). You will need to work with a lender to secure your mortgage and obtain insurance, but we’re happy to connect you with our partners to expedite this process.

Throughout the process, you’re welcome to be as involved as you’d like, but we’re happy to do 100% of the work.

Keyturn works with homes ranging from $200k-$2m, and will find you a home at your preferred price point. We have access to both turnkey homes — e.g., ready-to-go — as well as high-upside diamonds-in-the-rough, and will match you with the perfect home based on your preferences.

We operate across asset classes, from single-family homes and apartments to multifamily-developments.

We find homes through multiple channels, allowing us to show you the broadest list of high-yielding investment properties. Our proprietary sourcing engine automatically identifies and underwrites properties that will make excellent short-term rentals. We also have a network of relationships with realtors and wholesalers in many states, giving us access to even more deals.

Keyturn evaluates homes in markets across the country. Our software allows us to focus on the highest performing markets in the most landlord- and tax-friendly states. We find that most of our deals are done in Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, and Texas, but we have experience sourcing and operating properties from New York to California.

Keyturn selects markets based on a number of factors, including:
  • High average daily rates
  • Relatively low property prices
  • High, seasonally resilient demand from travelers
  • Friendly regulatory environments
  • Above-average appreciation
Please see How it Works for a more detailed description of our investment criteria.

If you purchase an Airbnb through Keyturn, we can coordinate or organize an inspection on your behalf. However, you’re more than welcome to schedule your own inspection.

Of course — Keyturn will help you sell your home. While we won’t buy your home at this time, we will help you find a buyer interested in owning a vacation rental. Buyers in our network are always looking to acquire more properties.

Yes, you can pull equity from your home.

If you invest directly in a property: You own the property, but the title for the property is held in an LLC. This structure affords you personal liability protection if anything were to happen to or in your home. Keyturn serves as the manager of the LLC, enabling us to perform operational duties like property management and asset management while giving you full economic ownership of the home.

If you invest through our fund: You will own shares of our fund, which in turn is the full economic owner of individual property LLCs. This structure allows you to own stakes in multiple properties through a single entity while maintaining the same protections as you would by investing directly in a home.

In both cases, you will be eligible to receive tax benefits from short-term rental investing. However, the tax benefits from the fund may exceed the tax benefits from individual ownership.

The short answer is that the owner of the property pays for utilities. However, this cost is almost always covered by the proceeds from your rental income rather than out of your own pocket.

Should you choose to invest in our fund, the cash flows from rental income will cover operating expenses. We will disburse net proceeds to you each quarter.

We are professional property managers with years of experience in markets across the country. Our property management suite heavily utilizes technology and automation to improve your bottom line and keep your property in great condition. Also, our incentives are 100% aligned with yours — our fee-based management approach means that we are incentivized to maximize your earnings.

You will receive quarterly disbursements from Keyturn, paid to you or to the property’s LLC. These payments will be net of all fees and expenses.

We’re a property manager wherever we need to be. Our team has spent years launching Airbnb property management services in markets across the country. We know how to spin up highly efficient, revenue maximizing, and cost-effective property management teams in whichever markets our investors like.

Four elements make Keyturn’s property management stand out from other providers:

  1. Revenue maximization. Our dynamic pricing suite and team of revenue analysts make sure that Keyturn properties remain occupied at the best available rate. Our design and experience team is hyper focused on creating unique experiences that guests choose to book over other available properties.
  2. Cost minimization. Keyturn’s property management services are considerably cheaper than large-scale national providers (e.g., Vacasa). We know what property management services we need in-house (revenue management) vs. what can be outsourced to trusted third parties (housekeeping).
  3. Specialization-as-a-service model. Traditional vacation rental management is broken. Normally, one property manager is responsible for everything, from revenue management to coordinating housekeeping. We split up management responsibilities across teams to maximize our efficiency and reduce costs by 25%+. For example, our area managers are focused only on in-market operations, while our revenue managers handle pricing and our listing coordinators manage booking requests.
  4. Technology and automation. Whenever and wherever possible, we incorporate technology and automation into our service model to lower costs and improve guest experience. From keypad entry doors to automated housekeeping management and beyond, Keyturn offers a more technologically advanced property management experience than other providers.

You can always choose a different vacation rental management provider. However, Keyturn offers lower fees than most vacation rental managers and provides tools and technologies that many managers do not (e.g., dynamic pricing and revenue optimization).

In short, we are responsible for everything. We place guests in your home, set nightly prices, manage maintenance and repairs, handle housekeeping, and do everything in between.

Yes, your expenses are tax deductible! Included among deductions are:
  • Management fees
  • Depreciation
  • Maintenance, repairs, cleaning
  • Insurance
  • Mortgage interest
  • Legal & professional fees
If you invest in our fund, our accounting team will handle deductions and share a K-1 with you during tax season. We find that thoughtful tax planning can substantially increase the ROI on your investment. We are happy to connect you with one of our tax partners to learn more.

Keyturn does not do any financing in-house, and ultimately your loan terms will be determined between you and your lender. There are no restrictions from Keyturn on what lender you choose, your method of financing, or how you structure the loan. Most of our investors do a conventional 30 year fixed loan with a 20-25% downpayment.

When purchasing an Airbnb, many investors choose to obtain debt-service-coverage-ratio (DSCR) mortgages. This mortgage type allows investors to obtain financing irrespective of their personal debt obligations or income.

Talk to us about how best to finance your property.

We cannot guarantee returns, but AirBnbs have historically outperformed long-term rentals with annualized returns exceeding 20%.

We target 20% annual returns through our Airbnb fund, but anticipate that after implementing our advanced tax optimization strategies that recognized returns will be even higher.

Your rates will vary on your individual circumstances and lender. However, rates are historically low today.

You’re welcome to work with any lender — we’re also happy to introduce you to our lending partners.

We recommend you shop around with a couple of lenders when you start the process with us. Closing quickly is important, and we want you to be pre-qualified and ready to go when it’s time to make an offer.

You need two types of insurance to manage a vacation rental: homeowner’s insurance (often rolled into your mortgage payment) and a general liability policy.

A quick online search can help you find vacation rental insurers. We’re also happy to connect you with our insurance partners that offer competitive rates.

We will provide you with transaction documents, distribution reports, property updates, and tax documents (Schedule K-1).

Keyturn primarily makes money in a few ways. We collect a sourcing fee when you purchase your home equal to 1% of the home’s purchase price. We also collect property management fees from the rental income we earn on your behalf.

Keyturn takes a small commission on the value-added services we offer, including permitting, design, coordinating tax optimization, and setup. However, our margin here is slim, as we care more about establishing a long-term relationship with you than collecting fees from these activities. We may also earn a commission should you choose to purchase insurance through our partner network.

Through our fund, we collect performance fees when the fund does well, as well as event-driven and management fees from operations. Please schedule a call to learn more about our fund’s structure and fees.

At the end of the day our incentives are 100% aligned with yours, and we care most about helping you maximize your potential income (as this is how we make our money!).

Investing is subject to risk. Risks include, but are not limited to, macroeconomic fluctuations and other structural market changes. Keyturn cannot provide assurances against these risks.

You are protected. Your property will be insured with general liability coverage. The LLC that owns your property also protects you and your personal assets. If a guest slips in your home and sues, only the LLC would be held liable and your personal assets would be protected. We’ll do the work to take care of tenants and your property to avoid incidents like these.

If you purchase a home through Keyturn, you are welcome to sell your home at any time. Should you invest in the Airbnb fund, your capital will be invested through the duration of the fund cycle (e.g., 5-7 years).

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