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Investing in
Airbnbs has never
been easier.

Find, purchase, design, and manage short-term rentals with Keyturn. Whether you’re a solo investor or part of a group, Keyturn makes it easy to invest in Airbnbs.

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    How Keyturn works

    We help you find, own, set up, and operate short-term rental properties.

    Explore short-term rental investment opportunities

    Explore short-term rental investment opportunities

    Find your next real estate investment with our Sourcing Engine. Browse thousands of on-market properties across hundreds of markets, complete with revenue data, market reports, and customizable underwriting. From $39/mo.

    Purchase and save with Keyturn

    We’ll help you set up an LLC, make an offer, find a lender and insurance provider, and get your property permitted. All for up to 50% less than what a local real estate agent charges.

    Purchase and save with Keyturn
    Design and furnish your Airbnb

    Design and furnish your Airbnb

    Save up to 75% on Airbnb interior design. Our team of experts will help your Airbnb stand out from the crowd and reduce your furnishing expenses. Explore custom design packages complete with floor plans and shopping lists. From $69/room.

    Manage with Keyturn

    Boost your short-term rental income with Keyturn’s property management. Our next generation suite of tools — including dynamic pricing, revenue optimization, automated turnover coordination and channel management — helps you earn more and work less.

    Manage with Keyturn
    Airbnb Sourcing Engine icon

    Invest smarter with the Airbnb Sourcing Engine

    Our Sourcing Engine automatically evaluates thousands of homes to find the best short-term rental investment opportunities.

    • Find the best deals across thousands of properties without spending hours on Zillow
    • View and edit short-term rental financial models for every property on the market
    • Sort and filter on-market properties to match your investment criteria
    • Set purchase criteria and receive alerts on matched properties
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    The Keyturn advantage

    Achieve financial security more quickly. Without lifting a finger.

    Invest in the best properties.

    Keyturn’s software and underwriting tools help to find and assess the best investment opportunities across dozens of markets. Expand your STR deal flow by 100x with our suite of tools, all for one low price.

    Invest in the best properties.
    Maximize your earnings.

    Maximize your earnings.

    Our property management team is filled with short-term rental experts that know how to maximize returns. From dynamic pricing to automated cleaning scheduling, remote monitoring, dynamic listing management and beyond, we make sure you’re getting the most out of your investment.

    Save time and energy.

    Owning an Airbnb has never been easier. We’ll do the legwork so that you don’t have to spend hundreds of hours searching for, purchasing, setting up, and operating your next short-term rental.

    Save time and energy.

    Earn more,
    work less

    Short-term rentals earn 2.5x more than other real estate investments. And the benefits don’t end there.

    See the math

    Average Monthly Rental Revenue


    *Calculation based on 2023 nationwide Zillow rental Zestimate data & AirDNA vacation rental research

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