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Our mission is to help you build wealth through investing in short-term rental real estate.

We believe that investing in real estate should be as easy as buying a stock on your computer. Our goal is to reduce the barriers to entry to investing in this asset class and enable you to achieve financial freedom more quickly.

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Perspective on Real Estate investing

Our Perspective on Real Estate Investing

Keyturn believes that traditional real estate investing is fundamentally broken. As prices rise for traditional single-family homes, long-term rental returns and cap rates are shrinking, good deals have become harder to find, and financial barriers to entry have increased.

However, short-term rentals sit apart from traditional real estate investments. Cap rates and cash-on-cash returns remain high, sophistication in the space is low, and good deals are aplenty (if you know where to look). This reality creates a huge opportunity for early investors to capture above-average returns by investing in this asset class.

Nonetheless, investing in short-term rentals is more complicated than buying a traditional investment property. Keyturn exists to take the legwork out of sourcing, setting up, and operating short-term rentals.

Our four-part thesis

Short-term rentals are underpriced by the market icon

Short-term rentals are underpriced by the market

The market sets prices for investment properties based on long-term rental potential, not short-term rental potential. As a result, short-term rental homes are underpriced. Investors have more opportunities to find great deals, prove higher income potential, and sell at a premium.

The world needs more hosts icon

The world needs more hosts

Demand for Airbnbs greatly outstrips supply, with an estimated deficit of 2 million hosts in 2022. This excess demand gives us confidence that our properties should meet or exceed our underwriting projections.

Sophisticated operators earn 20-40% more than traditional hosts icon

Sophisticated operators earn 20-40% more than traditional hosts

Automation and technology reduces overhead and boosts revenues, but few operators employ these levers. The hosting landscape in 2022 represents tons of opportunity for sophisticated operators to generate better-than-average returns.

Institutionalization is coming icon

Institutionalization is coming

Welcome to the 21st Century. Keyturn offers an entirely digital purchasing and ownership experience so that you can invest from the comfort of your desk.

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