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Our mission is to help you build wealth through investing in short-term rental real estate.

We believe that investing in real estate should be as easy as buying a stock on your computer. Our goal is to reduce the barriers to entry to investing in this asset class and enable you to achieve financial freedom more quickly.

We have years of experience in the short-term rental industry, from building and managing a $15m+ portfolio of AirBnbs, to launching new markets for a vacation rental manager, to designing processes and technological solutions to reduce costs and increase guest satisfaction.

We don’t just talk a big game, though — we put our money where our mouth is. Our team invests alongside you in our fund, aligning our objectives even more.

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Our Team

We’re short-term rental experts with years of real estate investing experience.

Eli Lininger

Eli Lininger


Eli is the founder and CEO of Keyturn. Previously, Eli built and managed a $15m+ short-term rental portfolio as the first employee at Rove Travel, a venture-funded startup building a brand in the short-term rental space. Eli began his career as a consultant in the Real Estate and Strategy practices of McKinsey & Company’s New York office. Over the past few years, he’s built a personal real estate portfolio that’s delivered 50%+ returns.

Eli graduated from Yale University with a degree in Ethics, Politics, and Economics.

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McKinsey & Company

Keyturn Advisors

Keyturn Advisors 1
Tyler Moynihan
VP Business Development, Zillow

Tyler is a senior executive and an 11-year veteran at Zillow, where he leads Zillow Group’s business development function. Tyler is also an experienced real estate investor.

Keyturn Advisors 3
Atticus LeBlanc
CEO, Padsplit

Atticus is the CEO of Padsplit and manager of the Padsplit Fund. He’s raised $35m from investors to build a company that makes housing more affordable to everyone.

Keyturn Advisors 2
Cyril Begduro
CEO, Landis

Cyril is the CEO of Landis, a real estate investing platform that’s raised $182m from investors including Sequoia.

Keyturn Advisors 4
Joe Ollis
CIO, Peak Realty

Joe is the CIO of PEAK, a REIT that invests in real estate across asset classes. His expertise spans asset management, underwriting & valuation, and due diligence.

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Our Perspective on Real Estate Investing

Keyturn believes that traditional real estate investing is fundamentally broken. As prices rise for traditional single-family homes, long-term rental returns and cap rates are shrinking, good deals have become harder to find, and financial barriers to entry have increased.

However, short-term rentals sit apart from traditional real estate investments. Cap rates and cash-on-cash returns remain high, sophistication in the space is low, and good deals are aplenty (if you know where to look).

This reality creates a huge opportunity for early investors to capture above-average returns by investing in this asset class.

Nonetheless, investing in short-term rentals is more complicated than buying a traditional investment property. Keyturn exists to take the legwork out of sourcing, setting up, and operating short-term rentals.

Our Four-part Thesis

Short-term rentals are underpriced by the market

The market sets prices for investment properties based on long-term rental potential, not short-term rental potential. As a result, short-term rental homes are underpriced. Investors have more opportunities to find great deals, prove higher income potential, and sell at a premium.

The world needs more hosts

Demand for Airbnbs greatly outstrips supply, with an estimated deficit of 2 million hosts in 2022. This excess demand gives us confidence that our properties should meet or exceed our underwriting projections.

Sophisticated operators earn 20-40% more than traditional hosts

Automation and technology reduces overhead and boosts revenues, but few mom-and-pop employ these levers. The hosting landscape in 2022 represents tons of opportunity for sophisticated operators to generate better-than-average returns.

Institutionalization is coming

Over the next 5-10 years institutional investors will flood this market, creating attractive exit opportunities for owners.

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